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PanoAlto Multimedia 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Unhappy customers?  Simply not a possibility with PanoAlto Multimedia.

We do not and will not have a customer who less than 100% happy with our service and finished material.

·        Professionalism

·         Quality

·         Service

·         100% satisfaction


If there are any particular issues within our virtual tour production that do not meet with a customer's explicit approval, we will work with the customer to amend images, logos, colours, tour elements, etc. until the desired results are achieved.

In the so far non existent case, that a customer is completely dissatisfied with the virtual tour production and no resolution can be found, we will issue a full refund of the tour price and the material will be withdrawn with no further commitment on behalf of either party.

When a virtual tour is finished, the encrypted files are uploaded to our servers and the tour can be viewed online.  If changes are required, we will make those specific changes and refresh the online tour pending customer approval.  Once approval has been received, unencrypted files and images will be available to download and save locally.


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