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Tariff 2010/11
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Tariff Overview
At PanoAlto Multimedia we make no secret of our prices prior to an enquiry as we know that our fees are a realistic reflection of the work involved in creating our material but as many other similar companies often mention, each commission is a unique project and for that reason we submit this tariff only as a guide.
Please navigate from the buttons above and remember that everything can be tailored to individual requirements.  Find a virtual tour package that's suitable and then use the 'additions' page to fine tune and include all the elements you desire.  Don't want a package?  No problem, just choose a 'quick shot' option and build from there.
In some situations discounts may be available for volume and regular assignments or in the case that a client only requires a partial service.
On a few occasions there may be additional costs such as travel and accommodation expenses, fees to local authorities or additional insurance cover and for projects requiring special post production and effects.

Important note:  The definition of a 'finished shot' (still or 360 panorama) is one high resolution photograph having undergone all necessary post production.  This photograph may well be a combination of images in layers designed to achieve the optimum quality and depth.  One finished shot may be the result of ten or fifteen exposures, therefore six finished shots can sometimes involve fifty to a hundred exposures.
Please click here for a very basic example.

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